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Insights and Strategies for Harnessing Salesforce's 2024 Evolution results for Mekanys clients.

Salesforce's world is always changing, and staying ahead of the curve is important for enterprises striving to thrive in the digital era. Several improvements are likely to revolutionize how companies use Salesforce to improve operations, engage customers, and drive growth in 2024.

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With today's fierce competition, Salesforce is improving its hyper-personalization capabilities. Businesses may provide highly relevant, personalized experiences — such as customized content and product recommendations — by evaluating client data.

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Blockchain Integration

Blockchain Integration

Salesforce is set to merge blockchain technology with the Salesforce ecosystem in 2024, enhancing data protection, supply chain management, and transaction evidence, thereby boosting confidence and productivity in business procedures.

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Voice-Activated CRM

Voice-Activated CRM

Voice-activated CRM solutions will become more popular. You can handle Salesforce tasks, get information, and make updates with voice instructions. This will improve efficiency and make CRM more accessible for sales experts who are on the move.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

AR is set to change how businesses interact with their customers. Salesforce will use AR to enable virtual product presentations, interactive customer support, and immersive training. This will redefine customer engagement and give a competitive edge to adopting companies.

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Digital Evolution

State of Salesforce

ROI growth

After deployment, Salesforce increases marketing return on investment by an average of 28%.

AI Integration

50% of companies are integrating AI into products and services

Revenue increase

By moving away from conventional channels, Salesforce customers reported a 29% boost in digital revenue.

AI Advantage

75% of CEOs recognize the pivotal role of cutting-edge AI for a competitive edge.

Hyper Personalization


The future lies in embracing hyper-personalisation as the next evolutionary leap.

Personalization greatly affected the customer experience, forcing companies to prioritize customers. Embracing hyper-personalization helps companies connect with customers on an individual level. Personalization provides tailored marketing content based on customer preferences and preferred communication methods. In contrast, hyper-personalization aims to have individual conversations with each customer using different communication channels.

  • 80% of B2C customers believe that a company's experience is just as vital as its products or services

  • More than 60% of marketers have improved personalization on multiple platform

  • 80% of firms believe they would benefit from a CRM that offers a reliable and accurate information source

 Blockchain Integration

What is Salesforce Blockchain?

Blockchain Integration

Salesforce Blockchain offers a fresh approach to generating, safeguarding, and distributing data among a community of associates. The reason behind this is that Salesforce Blockchain furnishes the foundation for a decentralized ledger and incorporates the influential Salesforce metadata.

Within Salesforce, users can easily access and manipulate blockchain data in reports, automations, and other familiar locations where ordinary record data is handled. Salesforce Blockchain simplifies the challenge of constructing a reliable network and implementing appropriate authentication protocols on your behalf. You have the freedom to determine the suitable authentication protocol for your desired network, and Salesforce Blockchain takes charge of the intricate tasks involving network communication and data integration. This means you can focus on the practical part of your task instead of dealing with the underlying systems.

Voice-Activated CRM

Voice Activated CRM

Voice-based technology is becoming an extremely useful application for professionals who use CRM, saving them a significant amount of time. By implementing voice activation into CRM tools, users are able to interact with data in a more focused way. This means they can skip over irrelevant information and quickly access the data they need.

Speech-to-text technology has the potential to revolutionize data input by saving time. By eliminating the need to manually enter data into a solution, this technology can effectively reduce costs and redundant tasks. Users of customer relationship management systems can rely on this system to effortlessly submit information through speech.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Businesses are acknowledging the functional applications of augmented reality (AR) and have begun incorporating it to create captivating customer interactions. Brands are employing AR in various ways, such as implementing social media filters, offering virtual product preview placements, and enabling customers to virtually try on products, in order to provide a completely engaging ecommerce experience. The trend is continuously increasing. The pandemic led to a significant rise in consumer spending, and businesses have already begun utilizing augmented reality (AR) more extensively to improve their online retail experiences. This change has been well received by buyers.


of retail customers prefer augmented reality experiences


stated they would shop more often with AR technology


are willing to pay extra for products with augmented reality features


Finally, in 2024, Salesforce promises to be a dynamic and transformational arena. These trends are more than just predictions; they represent opportunities for enterprises to innovate, adapt, and prosper in the digital world. Organizations can maximize Salesforce's potential and stay ahead of the competition in 2024 and beyond by implementing AI, hyper-personalization, blockchain, and other cutting-edge technology. Salesforce is leading the way to a bright future.

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