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Resolving six Salesforce challenges

Navigating and Overcoming Six Common Salesforce Challenges with Precision and Expertise

Starting with Salesforce can be complicated due to obstacles that often come up. In this post, we will explore six common difficulties companies encounter with Salesforce. From handling data issues to customizing the platform, we will offer practical solutions to improve and simplify your Salesforce experience.


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Salesforce is separated

Many companies limit the use of Salesforce to only a few departments. This restriction prevents the software from being used as an important organizational tool, and instead it has a small role in the company.

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Price and Licenses

Salesforce can be pricey, and its complicated licensing can limit how it's used in a company. People have concerns about the cost and licensing, which means companies might not get all the benefits from this strong CRM tool.

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Salesforce Reporting Limits

Unreliable data in Salesforce reports, caused by low team usage and missing details, makes it challenging to get an accurate understanding, affecting sales, marketing, and decision-making.

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Too Much Manual Work

Salesforce tasks are necessary but can be dull. Businesses struggle to make sales representatives consistently document their actions. Reps prefer finding new leads rather than entering data into Salesforce. Doing this task repeatedly can become monotonous for the reps.

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Automation Breaks Down

Salesforce automation aids in saving time by performing tasks such as sending emails, adding customer information, and generating reports. However, if not implemented correctly or if changes occur, it can potentially put at risk essential data.

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Integration struggles

Salesforce offers useful integrations through AppExchange for licensed users. These integrations save time in tasks like data entry, communication tracking, and assessing potential clients, but they come with challenges.

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Salesforce Facts

Salesforce's Impact on Companies

Over 43% of companies that use Salesforce don't realize its full worth.

Companies using Salesforce often increase revenue by 25%.

Many companies using Salesforce increase customer satisfaction by 35%.

Numerous firms enhance productivity by 44% through Salesforce usage.

Salesforce is Separated

Maximizing Salesforce's value requires integration across departments. It is important to have a unified approach to implementation, training, and ongoing management.

This ensures all teams have access to relevant data for decision-making and growth. Sharing reports tied to business objectives emphasizes the importance of data throughout the organization.

Price and Licenses

Companies can customize their CRM budgets by negotiating Salesforce pricing, providing them with the flexibility to tailor licensing structures. The following are three steps to maximize the effectiveness of negotiations:

1. Assess Current Usage

Evaluate active accounts to determine productivity and detect any unused services or features, thereby preventing unnecessary expenses.

2. Plan for Future Needs

Take into account the future utilization of Salesforce, using present evaluations to efficiently redistribute resources and possibly decrease the number of unused licenses in order to cut down on expenses.

3. Develop a Licensing Strategy

Match licensing objectives with long-term CRM strategies, utilizing multi-year packages for cost savings and improved offerings, advised by a Salesforce expert for maximum return on investment.

Salesforce Reporting Limits

By integrating Salesforce with different platforms and third-party tools, team members can efficiently update data in real-time, which not only saves time but also improves the accuracy of customer data.

Furthermore, utilizing business intelligence tools like Domo, Tableau, and Sisense in conjunction with Salesforce enables the development of thorough dashboards and visual representations, aiding in informed decision-making through predictive models and clear insights.

More than 150,000 businesses worldwide utilize Salesforce, which includes 88% of the Fortune 100 companies.

Too Much Manual Work

Salesforce provides a wide range of customization choices for its user interface, enabling users to adapt it according to their individual workflows. Salesforce also assists in simplifying this procedure by offering resources and support, or businesses can choose to delegate the customization task to specialized firms such as Mekanys.

Automation Breaks Down

Regularly, Salesforce users must conduct tests on their automations. Creating a regular testing schedule helps in identifying and stopping small malfunctions before they turn into significant data errors. Salesforce provides several tools and solutions for resolving and detecting these problems.

It could be beneficial to seek assistance from a certified Salesforce specialist to resolve any automation failures and prevent future occurrences, considering the intricacy of certain breakdowns.

Integration struggles

There are various choices available to companies when it comes to merging Salesforce with other applications. They can either make use of ready-made integrations offered by many applications or tailor their own integrations using platforms such as Lingk, Jitterbit, or MuleSoft.

Salesforce consultants can help in creating personalized connections, guaranteeing functionality and security, and offering continuous updates. This is particularly advantageous for companies that do not have dedicated IT professionals or Salesforce administrators.

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