Together we are Mekanys

People are the most important asset in our community.

  • Our community is at the center of everything. We are like minded people driven by our desire to become better at what we do. We constantly learn new perspectives, new ways of approaching a problem and new ways of finding a solution.

    We are a community that helps each other. We understand that together we are strong. We are here to help one another become his best at the things we want to do.

It is very hard to stay always reactive, agile and always on your toes. We pride ourselves with the fact that we constantly learn and invest a lot of time into Research & Development.

  • The best way to learn is to make a game out of it. Since we were little children, that is how we learned and discovered the world around us. It was fun and interesting to experience new things that way.

    We think that concept should be applied to the continuous learning process within our community. In short - Gamification. Level Up!

We also actually play games. There is a lot you can learn from Games. A lot !